SiteSights insights without consent

We do not use any cookies, instead we generate a random hash string only on the server side. This hash is also salted by a rounded down date string that rotates every 48 hours.


Therefore, using the standard method of SiteSights, you are not required to obtain a cookie consent from your website users.

As already mentioned above, we do not save anything related to tracking on the user device. But we are only generating a salted hash on our server side endpoint that is used to differentiate between two sessions. This hash will change even for the same user every 48 hours, because the hash contains a salt of a 48 hours rounded date string. This makes it impossible to achieve long-term recognition.


The hash is generated with the following ingredients:

  • IP Address (is only used for this hash and not saved persistently anywhere else)

  • UserAgent

  • Website Url / UID

  • Salt of date string which rotates every 48 hours


There is no way to reverse the hash back to the original ingredients.

Our databases and web application servers are all located in Germany and hosted by Hetzner, a EU company.

One of our biggest pillars is that we will never sell or share your data with third party companies.

SiteSights Insights tries to minimize data collection. Here is a list of every metric we gather:

  • Page URL

  • UserAgent (This gives info about Browser Type, Device Type, Operating system)

  • Referrer URL

  • Country Code, Continent Code, City, Region, Postal Code, Timezone

  • Screen Resolution Width / Height

  • Language Code

By minimizing data collection, we not only mitigate privacy risks but also reduce the burden of excess data storage and processing overhead. This optimization translates into faster loading times, smoother user experiences, and a more agile analytics infrastructure.


Embracing a minimalist approach to data collection does not equate to sacrificing analytical depth. On the contrary, our refined algorithms and sophisticated methodologies ensure that the data we do collect is rich in quality and relevance, empowering businesses to extract meaningful insights with unparalleled precision.

The data is restricted to a span of two consecutive days, with no indication provided regarding repeat visits by the same individual across multiple days.

Due to the identifier hash on the server side being based on IP, UserAgent and Website Id/Url there is no way to know if a user from Website A also visited Website B. Furthermore you cannot tell if the same user visited your website from 2 different devices.