Welcome to Sitesights

Sitesights is a web analytic tool focusing on being simple lightweight and privacy-friendly.


In this documentation, you will find several guides to install Sitesights on your website and how to improve your website insights. 

They are multiple ways to Install Sitesights on your website. 

If you want to start quickly you can use our Clientside API by installing our code snippet on your website or installing one of our plugins. Both ways work great and you can use it, even if you don`t know how to code. 


Integration Plugins and Guides

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Setup Clientside API

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If you are a developer we recommend using our Serverside API to integrate Sitesights in your backend.  A backend integration can`t be blocked by AdBlockers or similar and you can get more accurate data. 

Setup Serverside API

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Sometimes things don't work as they should. We have here a troubleshooting guide for common issues.

My dashboard is not loading

If your dashboard is not loading like the image below, please disable your ad blocker. Currently we know that uBlock Origin is blocking our stats.