ClientId Parameter

The ClientId parameter is available in both the Clientside API as well as the Serverside API. It can greatly increase the accuracy of your tracking. If you do not provide the ClientId parameter, will determine unique visitors by generating a salted hash of a combination of IP, UserAgent and other client indications (never tracked beyond anything more than 2 days). It is important to note that whatever you will send in the ClientId parameter, it will also be hashed beyond recognition and the 2 day salt is added before it is saved in the database.


Just a few examples to use for the ClientId:

  • Unique Account Id (if visitors are logged into your website)

  • Browser Fingerprinting (you need visitor consent)

  • More sophisticated combination of Browser Hints + IP Address + Environment as a unrecognizable hash

  • Tracking Cookie Value (you need consent for this + not recommended anymore)

We highly condemn any use of the ClientId that is not applicable with data protection laws of your region like GDPR. If such a behavior is recognized by us, we are taking appropiate actions, including the possibility of terminating your account.